Ten Da Qualities

The 10 Greatest Qualities For Profound Transformation

Led by Dr Rulin Xiu, a Leading Teacher of Dr. & Master Sha

Greatest Humility - Transform Ego & Clear Pitfalls To Success

A 4-week Journey of Creating Self-Transformation Through Finding Inner Balance

Starting on Thursday, July 4 | 12:30 pm ET

Founded on the Teachings of

Dr. & Master Sha

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha is a Tao Grandmaster, globally-known spiritual teacher, world renowned healer, and 11x New York Times bestselling author. He is the prolific creator of different Tao Technologies, and a renowned award-winning spiritual innovator.

Master Sha is a Grandmaster of many ancient Eastern arts (including Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Feng Shui, and Chinese Calligraphy) and was trained as an MD in Western Medicine in China. He is also a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China and Canada, and was formerly immensely sought after as a TCM doctor in China. As a 373rd lineage holder of Peng Zu (one of most renowned Taoist saints, also known as Chinese Longevity Star), Master Sha was initiated into an ancient spiritual tradition that has been kept alive for more than 5,000 years.

His mission in life is to serve humanity with this wisdom; combining the essence of modern science with ancient Tao teachings to create the cutting-edge Tao Technologies — a collection of different modalities, teachings, and practices to help humanity achieve greater happiness, success and wellness.

The Ten Da is the ten Greatest Qualities of Tao.

They carry the love, light, higher-frequency, vibration, and most-positive information of Tao, the Source. Therefore, it holds the potential to transform suffering, challenges, & negativities in all aspects of your life.

The Ten Da are a singular creation, offering the highest universal wisdom and potential for expansion.

Go deeper into understanding this key wisdom of the Ten Da teachings, and discover sacred practices for self-healing with Dr. Rulin Xiu.

See for yourself how the Ten Da Qualities can elevate your daily life.

Starting on Thursday, July 4 | 12:30 pm ET

The solution to transform any kind of suffering or challenge actually starts deep within your vibrational field – within the information that is programming and creating your life experiences.

Through transforming the negative information to positive information, you can be empowered to remove suffering, clear blockages, and begin to create and manifest a new reality and experience in your life!

We know, it can be hard to mentally conceive something so powerful that can transform everything! Like it is astronomically difficult to discover a solution or formula that solves all problems….

Yet, applying the Ten Da Qualities as wisdom, practice and self-healing tools, thousands of individuals worldwide have experienced powerful transformations, positive results, and priceless benefits in all different areas of life.

The Ten Da Qualities

The Ten Da Qualities can be an unshakeable foundation and invaluable empowerment to support you in creating a life of great purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

Here are each of the Ten Da Qualities:

Da Ai, Greatest Love, which melts all blockages.

Da Kuan Shu, Greatest Forgiveness, which brings inner joy and inner peace.

Da Ci Bei, Greatest Compassion, which boosts energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity.

Da Guang Ming, Greatest Light, which transforms all life.

Da Qian Bei, Greatest Humility, which transforms and prevents ego.

Da He Xie, Greatest Harmony, which is the secret of success.

Da Chang Sheng, Greatest Flourishing, which is the resources to empower self and others.

Da Gan En, Greatest Gratitude, which is the key for progress.

Da Fu Wu, Greatest Service, which is the purpose of life.

Da Yuan Man, Greatest Enlightenment, which is the greatest achievement in all lifetimes.

Greatest Humility - Transform Ego & Clear Pitfalls To Success

Da Qian Bei, Greatest Humility, is the fifth of the ten Tao qualities to transform all life.

Why is Greatest Humility so essential in one’s life?

Because it transforms the ego.

Too much of ego can be a hindrance to manifesting one’s potential in life. Humility is like an antidote, that keeps one humble and flexible in life’s varied situations, that can become stepping stones towards greater growth, alignment and joy.

Greatest humility can help you to find a profound sense of balance within yourself.

Imagine experiencing a level of harmony that heals you, enjoying emotional and mental calmness, and having a sense of continued expansion as you move through life…. Greatest Humility can help you manifest such qualities in your daily life, and more!

The impact of practicing and embodying Greatest Humility also reaches your career, relationships, and more, where you could see more peace in your relationships and in your heart as a result of being able to heal your inner wounds, trauma, and release ego attachments.

Here’s your opportunity to heal with Greatest Humility, for 4 whole weeks, with Dr. Rulin Xiu.

This 4-Week Course includes in-depth teachings, wisdom and sacred practices so that you can bring powerful transformations to all aspects of your life, including physical health, finances, soul journey and more.

In Greatest Humility - Transform Ego & Clear Pitfalls To

Success 4-Week Course, you’ll learn about:

What is the Greatest Humility?

The power and significance of Greatest Humility & Tao Calligraphy; how to apply them to daily life.

Thursday | July 4 | 12:30 - 1:30 pm ET

Apply Greatest Humility (Da Qian Bei) Tao Calligraphy Field for Life Transformation Learn cutting-edge spiritual techniques and technologies to transform all life

Thursday | July 11 | 12:30 - 1:15 pm ET

Sacred Breathing Practice Xi Qing Hu Zhuo (Inhale Positive Tao Frequency, Exhale Negative Information)
 Unveil an immensely powerful ancient Tao breathing technique for healing and rejuvenation

Thursday | July 18 | 12:30 - 1:15 pm ET

Bring It All Together + Q&A, Guidance & Final BlessingsCombine all the wisdom & teachings from all levels, receive blessings and guidance.

Thursday | July 25 | 12:30 - 1:15 pm ET

$30 CAD Only

Major Transformation with Minimal Effort

The Ten Da can create powerful new possibilities for you, and empower you to become very adept at creating transformations for yourself on-demand!

Within the courses of this one-of-a-kind program, you will experience:

The Greatest Humility – The power, significance and how to apply in daily life.

A unique understanding of how to transform the negative information that has been blocking your life

Tao Calligraphy meditation (transformative art; culmination of 5000 years of wisdom and practice) – cutting-edge spiritual techniques and technologies to transform health and relationships.

High-level Tao Blessings through an immensely powerful ancient Tao breathing technique for healing and rejuvenation.

Powerful techniques to access to an even higher-level Tao quantum vibrational field for transforming the negative information to positive information

A way to create ongoing transformation in your life beyond what you can conceive at this time!

Join Dr. Rulin Xiu in learning, growing, developing, and transforming together through the wisdom, power, and abilities of the Ten Da, focusing on Da Qian Bei – Greatest Humility!

Meet Your Teacher

Dr. Rulin Xiu

Master Sha’s Certified Leading Teacher of Tao Science

Dr. Rulin Xiu, Ph.D., is a distinguished quantum physicist and visionary co-founder of Tao Science with Dr & Master Sha. Her accomplishments in the world of quantum physics are nothing short of exceptional. Having earned her degree from the esteemed Berkeley university, she did significant years of research at Harvard University, Houston Advanced Research Centre and several other notable research facilities all over North America. Her life’s work and greatest passion has been solving the Grand Unification Theory. In her scientific pursuit of solving this theory that most quantum physicists deem unsolvable, Rulin experienced deep burnout and depression. It led her to give up solving the Grand Unification Theory. When she met Master Sha, she was inspired to resume her life’s work and she was able to co-create a scientific equation with Master Sha that took her closer to spiritually understanding Grand Unification Theory and Tao as the source of all creation.

As one of Master Sha’s leading teachers, her main focus is Tao Science. She is a pioneer that is powerfully bringing science into spirituality, and is breaking all glass-ceilings that say that science and spirituality cannot be one. As the Research Director for the Hawaii Theoretical Physics Research Center, Dr. Xiu's work pushes the boundaries of scientific exploration. Her groundbreaking research on the Grand Unification Theory has garnered international recognition and provides invaluable insights into the integration of physical forces with souls, hearts, and minds. This work paves the way for the development of consciousness, and takes her work’s impact well beyond the confines of a lab - creating a clear pathway for people to lead happier and more fulfilled lives using the wisdom and transformational potential of Tao Science.


Manifestation, the spiritual heart, support for healthcare professionals/universities/research centers



“Such an enlightening teaching about humility. It is incredible to learn about the science that explains Tao and its qualities. I didn’t realize before that humility could go so deep. Really enjoying the teachings of each day so far!”

~ K. R.


“Such a beautiful exercise! I could really feel the vibration of the chanting in my lower abdomen. Tracing the calligraphy is a huge bonus, along with the chanting with the animation. I was feeling so much peace and soothing in my whole body. There is calm in my mind. This is a big shift for me, as earlier today I had some big challenges and wasn’t feeling great.”

~ S.T.


“So powerful! The frequency felt really high. I could feel a clearing within my body. It felt like a tunnel or path opened up within my body between my navel area and lower chakras. Feels really good, and it’s great to see that this practice can help energy move in this way. Thank you so much!”

~ A.U.


“That was so relaxing! I could feel my 3 lower chakras expanding like a balloon. Something happened as well in my 1st chakra, and I felt more clear in my mind and grounded in a very deep way. Incredible to see this much change through this practice. Very powerful. Thank you so much!”

~ I.C.


“I have been feeling really heavy in my chest area. After today’s session, I feel that this big weight has been suddenly taken off my chest. It is still happening, as I feel the lightness growing in my body. So much is clearing! I am deeply grateful. Thank you so so much for this practice, and teaching about humility.”

~ L.P.


“I felt energy move throughout my body. Thank you Dr. Rulin, your teaching was very helpful and the practice took me very deep into releasing old things. An immensely powerful session overall. Great to be here!”

~ M.K.


“During the tracing of the calligraphy, I felt a huge shift in my solar plexus and now there’s a feeling of space there. Before it was feeling congested and heavy. The practice was deeply healing and relaxing. Thank you Dr. Rulin, very much appreciate this inspiring teaching and powerful practices.”

~ C.L.


“Thank you so much. I am usually feeling restless. During practice, it went away and gradually felt so much calmer. I realized listening to the session from Dr. Rulin, that when I am impatient and want something to happen right away, I am not in humility. It is a deep realization for me today. I now feel more connected to the Source, and my heart feels more open to receiving.”

~ D.M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! This workshop is a beginner-friendly introduction to the Ten Da Qualities, each course focusing on one of the Ten Da Qualities and ancient transformative practices for all.

Will this be a LIVE or prerecorded event?

Both! Level 1, 2 and 3 will be pre recorded classes, Level 4 will be held LIVE and replay will be made available for it to watch as well.

When do registrations close? Can I join after classes have already begun?

Registration closes on Thursday, July 11, 11:59 pm ET. Yes, you can join until 2-weeks even after the course has begun.

Does the Ten Da Qualities Program have several courses?


What is Tao?

“Tao” is the name given by Lao Zi, author of Dao De Jing, for the Ultimate Source and Creator of everything that exists. Since all things come from Tao, the essence and qualities of Tao are in everyone and everything. Tao is oneness, and has a quantum field of the highest frequency and vibration, with most-positive information, energy, and matter.

Ten Da Qualities

The 10 Greatest Qualities For Profound Transformation

Led by Dr. Rulin Xiu, a Leading Teacher of Dr. & Master Sha

Greatest Humility - Transform Ego & Clear Pitfalls To Success

A 4-week Journey of Creating Self-Transformation Through Finding Inner Balance

Starting on Thursday, July 4 | 12:30 pm ET

$30 CAD Only

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha is a Tao Grandmaster, medical doctor,

teacher, and author of 30 books, including 11 New York Times bestsellers.

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